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Страноведческая олимпиада — 2010-2011. (с ключами)


Test of your knowledge of English-speaking countries.

Name ____________________________________

Task 1. Multiple-Choice Questions
Choose the correct answer for each question.

1. The original name of that city was New Amsterdam. Today the city is called
a)Philadelphia b)New York c)Gettysburg d)Pittsburg

2. The Mayflower was the ship on which British settlers arrived in North America in 1620. They were
a)the Puritans b)the Pilgrims c)the settlers of the Virginia Company

3. The Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of
a)San Francisco b)Seattle c)Vancouver

4. The oldest and the youngest US presidents elected were respectively
a)Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy
b)Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt
c)George Washington and Bill Clinton

5. The first person to introduce paper currency in the USA was
a)George Washington b)Benjamin Franklin c)Thomas Jefferson

6. Which Scottish island is said to be the resting place of St. Columba?
a)Iona b)Colonsay c)Skye d)Eigg

7. What is the British flag popularly known as?
a)Royal Ensign b)Royal Standard c)Union Jack d)St. George

8. Who said «To be born English is to win the lottery of the life»?
a)Samuel Johnson b)Queen Victoria c)Margaret Thatcher d)Cecil Rhodes

9. What is the highest point in England?
a)Hadrian’s Wall b)Snowdon c)Scafell Pike d)Ben Nevis

10. What city is England’s «steel city»?
a)Leeds b)Sheffield c)Newcastle d)Birmingham

11. What year was the Magna Carta signed by King John at Runnymede?
a)1215 b)1915 c)1512 d)1216

12. Who gave «The Iron Curtain» its name?
a)Winston Churchill b)Clement Attlee c)Josef Stalin d)Freddie Truman

13. If a town name ends in «-burgh» it was probably founded as a what?
a)A market town b)A royal manor c)A cattle trading center d)A fortress town

14. How many wives did Henry V111 have?
a)5 b)4 c)3 d)6

15. From which country did pajamas originate?
a)India b)Canada c)Kenya d)Burma

16. Which type of sport has a Three Day Event?
a)Darts b)Athletics c)Horse riding d)Badminton

17. Which English king trained to be a monk?
a)Edward the Martyr b)Alfred the Great c)William Rufus d)Edward the Confessor

18. Who controls who can display a coat of arms?
a)The House of Lords b)The Monarch c)The College of Heralds
d)The Prime Minister

19. What is the name of «007»?
a)Henry Bond b)Thomas Bond c)James Bond d)William Bond

20. Long straight roads were probably first built by the
a)Vikings b)Normans c)Romans d)Celts

21. Which English king was killed by an arrow in the eye?
a)Henry ll b)Harold Godwinson c)Henry l d)Harold Harefoot

22. In cockney rhyming slang, what is a «tea»?
a)car b)book c)chair d)thief

23. How many cups of tea does the average Briton drink each year?
a)820 b)1 650 c)1 180 d)975

24. Which dreadful plague wiped out about one third of the population of Britain the 1340s?
a)The White Death b)The Blue Death c)The Pink Death d)The Black Death

25. In which year was the Great Fire of London?
a)1667 b)1664 c)1666

26. An effigy of which traitor is burnt on thousands of bonfires on 5th November?
a)Guy Fawkes b)Lord Haw-Haw c)Perkin Warbeck d)Mata Hari

27. In which year did Mrs. Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister?
a)1977 b)1981 c)1982 d)1979

28. Which English king began the Hundred Year War by invading France and winning the Battle of Crecy in 1346?
a)Edward 1 b)Edward 111 c)Edward 11 d)Edward 1V

29. Which English king invaded Wales in 1282, ending Welsh independence by naming his own son the Prince of Wales?
a)Edward 111 b)Edward 1V c)Edward 11 d)Edward 1

30. In the17th century the Pilgrim Fathers left England and sail for North America. They planned to make the voyage aboard two ships. After setting sail, problems made them return to port and all boarded the «Mayflower» for crossing. What was the name of the second unseaworthy ship that failed to make the crossing?
a)Sunflower b)Liberty c)Victory d)Speedwell

31. In which year was the earliest recipe for Yorkshire Pudding printed?
a)1745 b)1768 c)1834 d)1812

32. Who won the first ever FA cup?
a)Manchester United d)Arsenal c)The Wanderers d)Liverpool

33. Which Roman Emperor first established a Roman province in Britain?
a)Caligula b)Claudius c)Julius Caesar d)Tiberius

34. The pudding traditionally eaten with roast beef has the same name as which English county?
a)Yorkshire b)Lancashire c)Sussex d)Devon

35. What are the main ingredients of the British dish known as «bubble-and-squeak»?
a)porridge and syrup b)potato and cabbage c)minced beef and beans
d)eggs and ham

Task 2. True or False?
Read the statements below and mark each of them as True or False

True False
1. Comprehensive schools are not selective: you do not have to pass an exam to go to a comprehensive school.
2. Public schools are supported from public funds.
3. Compulsory schooling in England and Wales lasts from the age of 5 to 14.
4. After the age of 16 a growing number of school students leave school.
5. The character Horatio Hornblower was created by C. S. Forester.
6. A «chugger» is a charity worker who stops you in the streets.
7. «The Sealed Knot» is a famous ship.
8. The Royal Mile is in Belfast.
9. The «Angel of the North» is a famous nurse from Scotland.
10. The UK has won the Eurovision song contest 5 times.

Task 3. What do the following abbreviations stand for?

1. BC ___________________________________________________
2. VIP __________________________________________________
3. UFO__________________________________________________
4. DIY___________________________________________________
5. a.m.___________________________________________________

Task4. True or False ?
Read the statements below and mark each of them as True or False.

1.The majority of schools in Britain are free so that parents don’t have to pay to send their children to these schools.
2.British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated in the twentieth century.
3.Between 1702 and 1837 the monarchy’s official residence was St. James’s Palace.
4.The London Underground is commonly called the Metro.
5.There are 13 players in a cricket team.
6.Traditionally a double decker is a big sandwich.
7.Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll.
8.The Wash is a river in Scotland.
9.Morris men do a traditional dance wearing bells and ribbons.
10.Hogmanay is a kind of Scottish sausage.

Task 5. Miscellaneous

1.What medicine was discovered in the research laboratory at St. Mary’s Hospital in London?
2.Who is considered the father of English literature?
3.Which of them was not William: Shakespeare , Wordsworth, Dickens, Thackeray?
4. Who is the most translated British author after Shakespeare?
5. What are the commonest trees in England and Scotland?

Task 6. Cross-cultural Test
Part 1. For each situation give 2 most appropriate means of saying you want to leave someone politely for a short time.
1. You want to sell a flat. An applicant comes to see you. While you are talking the door bell rings.
2. You are having a party at your place. While you are talking to a friend you feel there’s some funny smell coming from the kitchen. Something must be burning.
3. You are member of a delegation on a visit to the Ministry of Education. During the talk someone comes and informs you in a whisper that there is an urgent call for you.

a. Excuse me. I’ll be right back.
b. Will you excuse me for a moment, please?
c. Excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment.
d. I wonder if you’d excuse me for a moment.
e. I am afraid I have to leave you for a moment.
f. Would you excuse me for a moment?
g. Excuse me. Back in a sec.
h. Excuse me, I shan’t be a moment.

Answer Sheet

Part 2. Match the names of the shops on the left with their definition on the right.
1. Health food shop A. a small shop usually but not always on a corner , usually open longer hours than other shops
2. Corner shop B. a group of usually large stores of the same kind owned by one organization
3. Chain store C. a shop where one can buy food that is believed to be good for health, food that is in the natural state, without added chemicals
4. Supermarket D. a large shop where customers serve themselves with food and other goods; goods usually cost less than in smaller shops
Answer Sheet

Part 3. Choose the correct answer for each question (Circle the letter).
1. Approximately how much liquid is in a pint?
a) A litre b) half a litre c) quarter of a litre d) two litres e)one and a half litres
2. What is toad in the hole?
a)someone who spies on you
b) an insect found in holes in brickwork
c) a traditional game a little bit like golf
d) a special kind of pond life found in Essex
e) a dish made from a sausage inside fried batter

3. What is the main ingredient of shepherd’s pie?
a)beef b)lamb c)chicken d)sausages e)pork

4.Sneakers (US) in the UK are
a)trainers b)wellies c)knickers d)smalls e)sandals

5.Where would a British person hang their clothes?
a)in the closet b)in the wardrobe c)in the drawers d)in the cupboard e)in the clothes house

Part 4. In which shops would you ask for the following item?
1. A pound of apples? _____________________________________________
2. Half a pound of pork sausages?____________________________________
3. Today’s newspaper?_____________________________________________
4. A Tube of toothpaste?___________________________________________
5. A loaf of bread?________________________________________________
6. A pair of boots?________________________________________________
7. A pair of trousers?______________________________________________
8. A first-class stamp?_____________________________________________

Task 7. Can you restore the story?
Here is a story about the Statue of Liberty. The printer got the story mixed up. Can you arrange the parts in proper order? The first one is done for you.

A. The crates were loaded on a French warship, the Isere.
B. The idea for the Statue started in the Old World.
C. The French people gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1886.
D. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi worked on the project with great zeal.
E. The Statue of Liberty was built and completed in Paris, France.
F. The ship sailed through the entrance of New York Harbor and arrived off Sandy Hook, New Jersey.
G. The powerful frame of the Statue is made of iron and steel. It was designed by a great French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.
H. It took twenty-one years from the birth of the idea to the erection of the great statue.
I. The Statue of Liberty was put together again and stood proud and tall on Bedloe’s Island.
J. A majestic statue stands in New York Harbor welcoming all who come to American shores.
K. The people of France provided all the money for the Statue of Liberty. The people of the United States were supposed to pay for the pedestal on which the statue would stand. Joseph Pulitzer undertook a campaign in his newspaper, the New York World. Every day he published a donors’ list.
L. The last stone of the pedestal was swung into place on April 22, 1886.
M. The pieces were packed in 214 crates and put aboard a train that went from Paris to Rouen.
N. In 1865, in France, some guests were enjoying dinner at the home of Professor Edouard de Laboulaye. He suggested making a monument to memorialize the friendship between his country and the US.
O. To be shipped across the ocean the US. The Statue was taken apart, piece by piece.

Answer Sheet

Страноведческая олимпиада — 2010-2011. Ключи


Task 1. Task 2. True or False
1.b 18.c 1.T
2.b 19.c 2.F
3.a 20.c 3.F (5-16)
4.a 21.b 4.T
5.c 22.d 5.T
6.a 23.b 6.T
7.c 24.d 7.F (a secret Royalist association)
8.d 25.c 8.F (in Edinburgh)
9.c 26.a 9.F
10.b 27.d 10.T
11.a 28.b
12.a 29.d
13.d 30.d Task 3.
14.d 31.a 1.British Council / Before Christmas
15.a 32.c 2.Very Important Person
16.c 33.b 3.Unidentified Flying Object
17.d 34.a 4.Do It Yourself
35.b 5.ante meridium

Task 4.
1. T
2. F(British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated on May 11, 1812)
3. T
4. F(The London Underground is commonly called the Tube)
5. F(There are 11 players in a cricket team)
6. F(Traditionally a double decker is a bus)
7. T
8. F(The Wash is the square-mouthed estuary on the east coast of England)
9. T
10. F(Hogmanay is New Year’s Eve in Scotland)

Task 5.

1. Penicillin
2. Geoffrey Chaucer
3. Charles Dickens
4. Agatha Christie
5. Oak, elm and beech in England and pine and birch in Scotland
Task 6.

1. a, b, с, f
2. a, c, g, h
3. b, f

1. C
2. A
3. B
4. D

1. b
2. e
3. b
4. a
5. b

1. greengrocers’
2. butcher’s
3. paper’s stand
4. chemist’s, pharmacy, department store
5. bakery
6. shoe store, footwear
7. clothing store, men’s store
8. post office, stationary

Task 7.
A. 10
B. 3
C. 13
D. 5
E. 7
F. 11
G. 6
H. 2
I. 12
J. 1
K. 14
L. 15
M. 9
N. 4
O. 8

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