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Raymond Murphy — English Grammar in Use


english-grammar-in-useThis book for intermediate and more advanced students combines reference grammar and practice exercises in a single volume.
Easy to use: on each left-hand page a grammar point is explained and on the facing page there are exercises to check understanding.
Additional exercises at the back of the book offer extra practice of grammar points from different units.
Provides comprehensive coverage in simple language of the problems intermediate students often have.
Designed to be flexible: teachers can select the units which are relevant to the needs of their students.
Contents list and detailed index ensure that users can easily find the unit(s) they need.
Suitable for use in class or for homework.
Appendices deal with irregular verbs, tenses, modal verbs, spelling, contractions and American English.


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“Raymond Murphy — English Grammar in Use”

  1. On 11 декабря 2010 в 18:03 ivan пишет:

    полезная книга,оччинь помогла.Спасибо огромное выложившим.

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