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LondonEye, путеводитель для урока


Since opening in March 2000 The Merlin Entertainments London Eye has become a symbol of modern Britain. The London Eye is visited by over 3.5 million people a year.

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The wheel carries 32 sealed and air-conditioned egg-shaped passenger capsules. Each 10 tonne capsule holds 25 people, who are free to walk around inside the capsule, though seating is provided.

The MerlinEntertainment London Eye is a giant135 metre tall observation wheel situated on the bank of the river Thames in the British capital.


  • wheel — колесо
  • egg-shaped — в форме яйца
  • air-conditioned — вентилируемый
  • metaphor — показатель, признак
  • millennium — столетие
  • observation — обозревание. смотровое

Вопросы к статье

  • Since what time has the London Eye become a symbol of modern Britain?
  • How many tourists visit the London Eye a year?
  • How many passengers does the wheel carry?
  • Where is the London Eye situated?

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