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Since opening in March 2000 The Merlin Entertainments London Eye has become a symbol of modern Britain. The London Eye is visited by over 3.5 million people a year.

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The Houses of Parliament, путеводитель для урока


The Houses of ParliamentThe houses of Parliament in London is the place where members of Parliament gather to make laws. The Palace of Westminster stands on the riverside near Westminster Abbey.

Tourists who visit the Houses of Parliament may sit in the Strangers’ Gallery looking down into the Houses of Commons and listen to the debates. All the time Parliament is in session, a flag can be seen over the building. When the House of Commons is still sitting after dark, there is a light over the face of Big Ben. The members of the House of Commons sit on two sides of the hall. Читать запись полностью »

Tower bridge, путеводитель для урока


Tower BridgeTower Bridge is the most famous bridge in London over the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, which gives it its name. It has become an iconic symbol of London.

Sir John Wolfe Barry designed it.

The bridge consists of two towers which are tied together.The bridge was officially opened on 30 June 1894 by The Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII), and his wife.

The bridge is 800 feet (244 m) in length with two towers each 213 feet (65 m) high. Читать запись полностью »

Лондонское метро, путеводитель для урока


Лондонское метроЛондонское метро — первая подземная железная дорога в мире. Первая линия была пущена в 1863 году, а уже в 1906 по линиям метро пошли поезда на электрической тяге. Сейчас Лондонское метро или «труба» — tube — как его здесь называют — одно из крупнейших в мире: 275 станция на 12 линиях общей протяженностью 329 км (2006 год).

Метро работает с 5:30 по будням и субботам и с 7:00 по воскресеньям, последний поезд уходит в 23:30-0:30, в зависимости от станции и дня недели. Утренний час пик заканчивается примерно в 9:30, вечерний продолжается с 16 до 19 часов. Читать запись полностью »

The Tower of London, путеводитель для урока


The Tower of LondonThe Tower of London is one of the most imposing and popular of London’s historical sites. Now it is a museum. It comprises 20 towers. The oldest is the White Tower, dates back to the llth century and the time of William the Conqueror. Nowadays a lot of tourists visit the Tower of London, because of the Tower’s evil reputation as a prison. The Tower is famous as home of the Crown Jewels. Today they can be viewed in their new jewel house. They include the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother which contains the celebrated Indian diamond. Читать запись полностью »

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Гайд парк


In 1536 King Henry VIII confiscated Hyde Park from the monks of Westminster Abbey. It was used primarily for hunting. King Charles I opened the park to the public in 1637.
Hyde Park is one of several royal parks in London connected to each other.

The other parks are the neighboring Kensington Gardens, Green Park and St. James’s Park. Hyde park covers more than 360 acres (142 hectares) and hosts many large events, including celebrations and concerts. It is also a popular place for jogging, swimming, rowing, picnicking and even horse riding. Читать запись полностью »

Trafalgar Square, путеводитель для урока


Trafalgar SquareTrafalgar Square is a Square in central London and is the most famous square in the world and is one of the Britain»s great tourist attraction. At its center is Nelson» Column which was built to commemorate the victory of Admiral Nelson over the French fleat at the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805. The original name was to have been » King William the Fourth«s Square»,but George Ledwell Taylor suggested the name «Trafalgar Square». Читать запись полностью »

Биг Бен, путеводитель для урока


Big BenBig Ben is one of London’s best-known landmarks, and looks most spectacular at night when the clock faces are illuminated. You even know when parliament is in session, because a light shines above the clock face.

The four dials of the clock are 23 feet square, the minute hand is 14 feet long and the figures are 2 feet high.

The name Big Ben actually refers not to the clock-tower itself, but to the thirteen ton bell hung within. The bell was named after the first commissioner of works, Sir Benjamin Hall. Читать запись полностью »

British Museum, путеводитель для урока


British MuseumLocation within Central London Established 1753 Location Great Russell Street, London WC1, England, UK Collection size 7 million objects
The centre of the museum was redeveloped in 2001 to become the Great Court.The British Museum is a museum of human history and culture in London. Its collections are amongst the largest and most comprehensive in the world. Читать запись полностью »

The National Gallery, путеводитель для урока


The National GalleryThe National Gallery in London is home to one of the greatest collections of western European painting in the world. More than 2300 paintings embrace the years between 1250 and 1900. The entire collection is on display in four wings on the main floor where they are arranged by period: 1250-1500, 1500-1600, 1600-1700, and 1700-1900. In addition paintings are displayed on a lower floor. To help the visitor manage the large number of paintings and galleries, various trails and audio guides are provided. Читать запись полностью »

Buckingham Palace, путеводитель для урока


Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is the Queens official London residence and is used to receive and entertain guests on state, ceremonial and official occasions for the Royal Family.

The Palace is located between The Green Park, Hyde Park and St. James’s Park.

State Rooms, Ballroom & Gardens

Buckingham Palace’s 19 state rooms, ballroom and gardens are open to visitors during August and September while the Queen makes her annual visit to Balmoral. Читать запись полностью »